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Hospitality were implemented in healthcare, it created a new wave at India's first corporate hospital.Chennai and his role in serving up healthcare with a dash of hospitality

At the first sight they may seem to be two diametrically diverse industries but a closer look will reveal the common chord —both aim at customer satisfaction. And both industries measure this satisfaction in terms of tangible and intangible components. For instance, a patient has to ‘feel’ better in order to get better and this part needs the right ambience as well as the right amenities to be in place.

Probably, that is why George Eapen (57), CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai Division managed to succeed in both. A graduate in Hotel Management and with more than a decade long experience in hospitality, he stepped into healthcare — a new field to him and he has proved his worth here too. "Hospitality is routine in nature. after a point the potential is not completely utilised," says Eapen. “On the other hand, healthcare though less glamorous, provides a challenge everyday while attending patients," he feels.